Gedeo Resin Discovery Kit

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1 19.95 BS08206 

discovery resin kit from Gedeo
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This is a high quality Gedeo epoxy resin discovery set comes with 3 x 20ml colour resins (Ruby, Lapis Blue & Topaz), 40ml x crystals resin and 50ml x hardener as well as protective gloves, 2 plastic droppers, 3 measurers, 2 mixers and user guide with helpful tips.

This is a crystal clear and colour resin when mixed should give you bright and transparent colours.

It can be used in moulds, inlays, coatings or laminates and can be used as a varnish. It can be mixed with colourants or Pearl-ex Pigments to add a variety of colours. It is ideal for embedding dried flowers. It's perfect for making small jewellery items such as brooches or earrings or for larger deeper castings. It is fully dry within 24 hours.

Colour Ruby, Lapis Blue and Topaz resin colours (20ml each)
- Includes Gloves, 2 droppers, 3 measuring cups
- 2 stir sticks and instructions
- 40ml Crystal Resin & 50ml Hardener