Glow In The Dark Pumpkin Bead Orange*

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pumpkin bead glow in the dark
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  • Description
Complete your Halloween collection with these glow in the dark orange pumpkins.

The ideal thread to use with these beads is our elastic thread; it's perfect because you don't have to add a clasp! Alternatively if you prefer non stretchy thread, our cotton bootlace thread fits these beads very well.

These beads glow in the dark after being exposed to light, and glow especially well under UV lights. They are perfect for the younger beader.

Material Plastic
Colour Orange
Size 20mm
Hole Size 4mm

  • Customer Reviews

Product Rating 4 Great for decorations, Pauline - 09 August 2011
These beads are very robust and great for Hallowe'en decorations and hanging from things. The large holes give them the flexibility to put strong stringing material through them.

I wouldn't personally use them for jewellery, but they would probably suit items for children, particularly if they're 'trick or treating'.