Glow In The Dark Yellow Plastic Pony Beads

Plastic Craft Beads

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200 1.95 BS04060 
1000 5.50 BS04061 
5000 20.50 BS02918 

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  • Description
These plastic pony beads measure 9mm x 6mm with a 4mm hole running through the centre of the bead.

The ideal thread to use with these beads is our 1mm fabric elastic thread; it's perfect because you don't have to add a clasp! Alternatively if you prefer non stretchy thread, our 1mm cotton bootlace thread or the 2mm cotton bootlace thread" fits these beads very well.

As the yellow beads are one of the lighter colours in this range they glow in the dark after being exposed to light, and glow especially well under UV lights. These plastic craft beads are safe to use with children and this make them perfect for the younger beader because of the bright colours and the large holes make it easy to thread.

Size 9 x 6 mm
Colour Yellow