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Gold Fill Spring Ends*

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Gold Fill Spring Ends* are an easy way to add a clasp to your necklace or bracelet.

To use simply slide the thread into the coil and crimp the last ring of the coil towards the thread. The loop at the end of the coil is where you can connect your chosen clasp. You will need 2 spring ends for each necklace or bracelet.

The spring end can take up to 1.5mm of thread.

Gold filled or Rolled Gold components are composed of a layer of 14 karat gold bonded onto a brass or copper core. The gold layer is 50 to 100,000 times thicker than on gold plated items (depending on the manufacturer) and should last a lifetime.

It is an excellent affordable alternative to pure gold and can usually be worn by people with base metal allergies.

This item is available online in a pack of 10.


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Gold Fill Spring Ends*
Gold Fill Spring Ends*
£5.25 £1.97