Honeycomb Jewel Bead Backlit Spectrum (Seconds)

Blue lustre Czech glass carrier beads

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5 0.75  0.60 BS20683 
30 2.50  1.75 BS20684 

Honeycomb Jewel Bead Backlit Spectrum (Seconds)
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  • Description
The versatility of the honeycomb bead is unquestionable given the six equal sides and the two holes running parallel across the upper and lower halves of the bead.

These honeycomb jewel, unlike the other honey beads, the jeweled ones have a faceted front and flat back. The back has a silver coating and the front has an iridescent glowing appearance.

The honeycomb bead measure 6mm and are 3mm depth.The two holes are approx. 0.8mm in diameter.

SECONDS - this batch of honeycomb beads have a slight crinkle on the backing which has made the effect a little wobbly in appearance. Consequently we have reduced the price of this batch.

shape Honeycomb
Material Glass
Colour Black
Size 6mm
Hole Size 0.8mm