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Liquid Sculpey 2oz

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Translucent Liquid Sculpey 2oz is a bakeable liquid polymer medium. It shares many of the same properties as solid polymer clay but has a number of characteristics that offer unique and unexpected possibilities.

Liquid Sculpey 2oz opens a whole new arena for artists and crafters alike.   It is a bake-able transfer medium for the new millennium! When mixed with oil paints, it can be an enamel; a glaze or a backfilling compound.

When mixed with pigments or mica powders, it can be a stipple; a metallic glaze or a grout for polymer clay mosaics.

This is a fantastic transfer medium.  The adhesive qualities are activated only after baking.  It increases the clay to clay bond between raw layers of clay and when adding raw layers of clay to previously baked layers.

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Liquid Sculpey 2oz
Liquid Sculpey 2oz
Regular Price £9.99 incl.VAT