Miyuki Delicas and Miyuki Tila Beads

Miyuki Delica beads can be used in jewellery making where precision detailing is what you are looking for. Consistent in size and colour, they are ideal for beadweaving, either on  a loom or for off loom weaving. Each cylindrical glass delica bead is manufacturered to be identical to the next delica bead. Manufacturered in Japan by Miyuki Beads, these beads are available in four sizes and hundreds of colours and effects. Size 11 are the most popular whilst the size 15 delicas are much smaller and offer a greater detail to patterns and designs. Size 8 Delicas are also known as double delicas and are the largest of the four sizes. Just like seed beads the larger the number, the smaller the bead. Size 10 Delicas are also manufactured but we do not stock this size.