Miyuki Delicas Size 15 DBS002C Blue Iris *

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2.5g 3.70  1.85 BS20429 
25g 24.50  12.25 BS20430 
250g 222.50  111.25 BS20431 

Miyuki Delicas Size 15 DBS002C Blue Iris  *

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  • Description
Miyuki Delica beads are precision made, cylinder shaped beads. This allows them to fit together perfectly when woven. Miyuki have now developed size 15 delica beads, these beads are fanastically tiny! We have initially stocked 20 colours/effects, 15 normal shaped colours and 5 cut colours. The cut delicas are hexagonal (6 sided) in shape. If you are a beadweaver and you want more detail in your work then size 15 delicas will be ideal for you to use. These delicas measure approx. 1.0mm in Diameter and 1.0mm in length.

shape Cut Delica
Material Glass
Brand Miyuki
Colour Blue
Size 15/0
Hole Size 0.5mm