Miyuki Tila Beads

These new Miyuki Tila Beads measure 5x5x1.9 mm, and have two parallel 0.8mm holes running the length of the bead. As is standard with Miyuki, these Tila Beads are high quality and quite uniform in size and shape. Click in to the individual products to see beautiful examples of how these versatile beads can be woven together to create fantastic designs.

Tila Beads are one of the latest offerings from renowned Japanese bead makers Miyuki. These two-holed flat beads are a fantastic way to give a new twist to your jewellery making projects.

Ideal for use in anything from beaded purses and clutch bags, necklaces and bracelets, to clothing and furnishing embellishments; these beads are highly versatile and come in some beautiful colours.

As with all Miyuki beads, they are very high quality. However please note that due to the shape and design of the Tila Beads, the edges may be liable to chipping if handled roughly. Always use a bead mat or other soft surface.

To view some beautiful examples of beadwork using TILA beads visit Kerrie Slade's webpage www.kerrieslade.co.uk where you can also purchase a fantastic pattern tutorial.