New Innovations Spring/Summer 2018

Each year Swarovski launch a range of new and innovative items, that include new colours and collaborations with designers and artists. The Spring Summer 2017 innovations and inspiration launch has been influenced by "The Balance Of Nature". 

With Swarovski have collaborated with Céline Cousteau, celebrated filmmaker and daughter of ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, she has taken inspiration from the depths of the ocean which you can see in the stunning sea snails.

Swarovski's classic inspirations have been influenced by bubbles and more staple colours like Graphite crystals and White pearlescent pearls. Their Romantic innovations have brought us statement sparkly pieces like the new Pave pendants and gorgeous Scarab beetle beads. 

Quite an eclectic range which is sure to appeal to lots of different tastes. If there's any items, colours or different sizes you're interested in please do get in touch as we can special order these for you.