Preciosa Glass Pip Beads Galvanised Silver

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10 0.50 BS08819 
50 1.75 BS08820 
200 4.75 BS08804 

Preciosa Glass Pip Beads Galvanised Silver
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  • Description
The PRECIOSA Pip pressed bead are 5mm x 7 mm in size. The hole runs across the top of the bead and is approxoimately 0.6mm. When strung the beads fit together tightly and create an interlocking zip effect or when six beads are threaded in a circle to create the shape of a flat flower.

The galvinised silver pip beads are a black bead with a silver coating to the flat surfaces, which leaves a black halo effect around the edges.

shape Drop, Teardrop, Pip
Material Glass
Brand Preciosa
Colour Galvanised Silver
Size 5mm, 7mm
Hole Size 0.8mm