Preciosa Shaped Bead Mix Blues

Various Czech Glass Beads

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20g 2.75 BS03389 

Preciosa Shaped Bead Mix Blues
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  • Description
These glass bead mixes are a great selection of Preciosa's trade make shaped glass beads, including 2 hole bead shapes such as Chilli beads as well as Villa beads, pellet beads and pip beads. They are great for for a variety of beading projects, each pack varies slightly but each one has a great range shapes and come in a small sealed 20g pack.

This lovely mix of blues has transparent bright blue, metallic blues and the matte ripples have a lovely golden colour on one side.

We have received a lighter blue batch of these beads. If you would like to receive the lighter mix (second image) please make a note in the comments box, otherwise we will send the
darker blue mix until this mix runs out.

Material Glass
Brand Preciosa
Colour Assorted