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Round Silver Filled Wire 1mm (18 Gauge)

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This Round Silver Filled Wire 1mm that is very useful for wrapping and securing pieces of jewellery together. Great for tiaras, large bead links, wrapping stones and freeform wirework.

With a layer that is sterling silver bonded to a copper or brass alloy core. The Silver Filled Wire can be used just like sterling silver wire but much more durable and more economically. The overall appearance of the wire is almost identical to pure sterling silver wire.

This Round Silver Filled Wire 1mm is 1/10 Silver Filled CDA220, Half Hard, which means that it is 10% sterling silver, making it more durable than standard plated wires. It is already hardened so its easier to manipulate precisely with tools. Soft wire can sometimes need hardening before working. We also stock this with in 0.8mm diameter. These two sizes compliment each other well. The 1mm wire can be used to form frame and structural items and wrap around stone. 0.8mm, wire is ideal for creating your own wire links and findings, the perfect way to finish off your own creations.

When manipulating wire it is handy to have a pair of nylon jawed pliers on hand. These will prevent marks from hard steel pliers being visible on your finished work and create a more professional look.

The package sizes are calculated by weight. 15.552g. This is approximately 7ft or 2.13m.

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Round Silver Filled Wire 1mm (18 Gauge)
Round Silver Filled Wire 1mm (18 Gauge)
Regular Price £27.75 incl.VAT