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Size 5 Opaque Yellow Seed Beads

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Size 5 opaque yellow seed beads are also shown as 5/0. These seed beads are made from glass and the colour runs through the glass and so is not coated. Manufactured by Preciosa in the Czech Republic, these seed beads are part of their high-quality range of beads.

Size 5 opaque yellow seed beads are solid opaque yellow glass beads. The colour runs throughout the bead and is not therefore a coating. See our full range of Preciosa seed beads here, including opaque, silver-lined, iridescent, permalux and transparent colours.

Seed beads are ideal for both stringing and bead weaving projects. They’re great and simply strung on their own for delicate jewellery. As well as being used as spacer beads in between decorative beads.

We have lots of inspiration for projects on our website and our YouTube channel. Why not check out our video here showing how to make a bracelet using seed beads or getting started on a jewel loom.

Preciosa is the biggest manufacturer of glass beads in the world but also produces wooden beads. The wooden beads are manufactured in Germany and made from sustainably sourced hardwood.

As well as seed beads, glass beads and wooden beads Preciosa also manufacture Crystal beads. With Swarovski withdrawing from the crystal component market in 2021, we also stock a large range of Preciosa Crystal beads and Pendants.

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Size 5 Czech glass seed beads opaque beads
Size 5 Opaque Yellow Seed Beads
Regular Price £1.10 incl.VAT£18.95 incl.VAT