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Size 5 Silver Lined Aqua Seed Beads

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Size 5 silver lined aqua is a transparent coloured bead with a silver-lined hole. These Size 5 seed beads are part of the high-quality range of beads from Preciosa. Size 5 seed beads are much larger than size 8 or size 11. With seed beads, you will find the larger the number, the smaller the bead.

You get approx. 110 beads in 10g and these beads measure approx. 3mm x 4mm. Preciosa seed beads are consistent in size and shape, which makes them ideal for large beading projects. That said, these beads have a large hole which makes them easy to thread. This makes them a good bead to use with younger beaders who may have outgrown our plastic bead range.

This Preciosa size 5 silver lined aqua bead’s colour code is 67010. This is an aqua shade, which is a colour made up of blues with a little green.  See our full range of Preciosa seed beads here, including opaque, silver-lined, iridescent, permalux, and transparent colours.

Preciosa is the biggest manufacturer of glass beads in the world but also produces wooden beads.

As well as seed beads, glass beads and wooden beads Preciosa also manufacture Crystal beads. With Swarovski withdrawing from the crystal component market in 2021, we also stock a large range of Preciosa Crystal beads and Pendants.

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size 5 Preciosa Silver Lined Turquoise Czech Glass Seed Beads
Size 5 Silver Lined Aqua Seed Beads
Regular Price £1.10 incl.VAT£21.50 incl.VAT