Seed Beads Washable

These washable Gutermann size 9/0 seed beads are manufactured in the Czech republic and come in a sturdy reusable plastic tube. With 12g of beads per tube you get a lot of beads for your money! The size 9 seed bead measures 2.5mm in diameter and 1.75mm in depth, we have measured a few with a micrometer which is why we can be so accurate!

The hole running through the centre of the bead is approximately 0.8mm, and is large enough to accommodate a safety pin as we use these in our safety pin bracelet kits. These seed beads are also ideal for use in complicated bead weaving projects where you need to thread the bead through the hole several times!

These have been labelled as washable from Gutermann because they are simply transparent glass beads with no effects added like AB, a pearlised coating or where the hole has been silver lined. These beads are manufactured from colour glass where the colour is already in the glass and cannot be washed out or will fade over time.