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Size 11 Pearl Cream Seed Beads

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Size 11 pearl cream seed beads are manufactured by PRECIOSA. Rocailles is the alternative name for seed beads and are the most used type of glass bead. They were created in Venice, Italy in the 15th century. These seed beads have been produced industrially in Bohemia since the 18th century.

Seed beads are sold by weight, you get a lot of beads for your money! These glass beads are ideal for beaded jewellery and both types of bead weaving. This is probably due to their size as these beads measure 1.2mm in depth with a central hole measuring 0.8mm.

Why not check out our video here showing how to make a bracelet using seed beads or getting started on a jewel loom.

For more information on Preciosa seed beads and the glass beads they produce please click here.
Preciosa are the biggest manufacturer of glass beads in the world but also produce wooden beads. The wooden beads are manufactured in Germany and made from sustainably sourced hardwood.

As well as seed beads, glass beads and wooden beads Preciosa also manufacture Crystal beads. With Swarovski withdrawing from the crystal component market in 2021, we also stock a large range of Preciosa Crystal beads and Pendants.

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Size 11 Pearl Cream Preciosa Seed Beads
Size 11 Pearl Cream Seed Beads
Regular Price £1.10 incl.VAT£25.50 incl.VAT