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Size 15 Eucalyptus Miyuki Seed Beads

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These size 15 eucalyptus Miyuki seed beads are a muted blue/green colour. They are manufactured by Miyuki beads in Japan and are part of their May 2021 jade colours launch. Miyuki is known for their Delica bead range but also manufacture seed beads in a variety of sizes and in a huge colour range. The advantage of Miyuki Japanese seed beads (also known as rounded rocailles) is their rounded shape and very consistent shape and size. This makes them ideal for precision work such as weaving using a bead loom or peyote stitch.

The size 15 eucalyptus Miyuki seed beads colour is a subtle natural-looking muted blue/green ideal for botanical beading.

Miyuki seed beads measure 2mm x 1.8mm, you get 25 beads to every inch when threaded straight onto a thread. There are approximately 240 size 15 miyuki seed beads per gram.

Miyuki seed beads are popular because of their consistent rounded size and shape. These Miyuki seed beads have a generous sized hole running through the centre. The size 15 seeds from Miyuki have a 0.7mm hole perfect for stringing or bead weaving.

We have lots of helpful how to and tutorial videos on our YouTube channel. Including videos to help you learn how to get started bead weaving with peyote & brick stitch and beading on a loom. There’s also a video showing you how to use a bead spinner to quickly thread large quantities of seed beads!

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size 15 miyuki Eucalyptus seed beads 2376 muted teal blue
Size 15 Eucalyptus Miyuki Seed Beads
Regular Price £1.50 incl.VAT£5.00 incl.VAT