Size 8 Seed Beads Opaque Mix

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10g 0.75 BS11620 
100g 4.50 BS11621 
500g 17.50 BS11622 

Size 8 Seed Beads Opaque Mix
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  • Description
These size 8 PRECIOSA seed beads are produced in the Czech Republic measure approximately 2mm x 3mm with a hole measuring approximately 1mm.

Seed beads are used for both stringing and beadweaving. The smaller the bead used gives you more detail if you are weaving them together, a bit like the number of pixels per inch on a screen.

This is a mix of the various opaque coloured size 8 seed beads, it may vary slightly, from batch to batch.

shape Bugle
Material Glass
Style Opaque
Brand Preciosa
Colour Assorted
Size 8/0
Hole Size 1mm