Size 8 Transparent Pink Preciosa Seed Beads

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10g 0.75 BS12013 
100g 4.50 BS12014 
500g 17.50 BS12015 

Size 8 Transparent Pink Preciosa Seed Beads
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  • Description
Size 8 seed beads are a popular size of seed bead used in a variety of bead weaving, including on and off loom work as well as being a great small bead for stringing or using as a spacer bead.

These beads are sold by weight, you get a lot of beads for your money! Seed beads sizes are shown by numbers and the smaller the number the larger the bead. So size 8 seed beads are larger than size 11.

These beads have a hole size of approx. 0.8mm.

The transparent pink colour is a great vibrant medium pink shade.

shape Seed Bead
Material Glass
Style Transparent
Brand Preciosa
Colour Pink
Size 8/0
Hole Size 1mm