Size 9/0 Washable Seed Beads 6855 Dark Aqua

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Size 9/0 Washable Seed Beads 6855 Dark Aqua
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  • Description
These washable dark aqua Gutermann 6855 size 9/0 seed beads come in a sturdy reusable plastic tube, and are very versatile. With 12g of beads per tube you get a lot of beads for your money! The hole is approximately 0.8mm, and is large enough to accommodate a safety pin. Its also ideal for use in complicated bead weaving projects where you need to thread the bead through the hole several times! Take a look at the rest of our Gutermann range; we stock a wide variety of shapes and sizes so theres sure to be something ideal for your project. Made in the Czech Republic.

shape Seed Bead
Material Glass
Style Transparent
Brand Gutermann
Colour Aquamarine
Size 9/0
Hole Size 0.8mm