Snowflake Wire Form Medium 15cm - 6 inches

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1 0.95 BS02056 
6 3.75 BS02080 

snowflake wire forms
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  • Description
Hardened metal snowflake forms are a great way to make unique christmas decoration in the colours that you want! Each of the 6 arms of the snowflake measures 6 inches/15 cm. Made from wire that is 0.8mm in diametrer.

Finish each arm off by making a small loop with round nose pliers or using the clear plastic fishhook guards and push these on the ends of the wire arms, a little bit of glue wouldn't go a miss.

Another option is that you can always snip one arm off and make a 5 pointed star by manipulating the arms. These snowflake forms are 3 pieces of wire soldered in the centre. These forms can take quite a lot of maniplution/bending before the solder breaks (this is how we came up with the suggestion of the 5 pointed star!).

Brand The Beadsmith
Plating Silver Plated