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Spin N Bead Quick Change Tray


Handy Quick Change Trays for bead spinners

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The Spin N Bead Quick Change Tray, is a handy tool compatible with our  Bead Spinner (Spin & String). Bead spinners are great tools for when you have lots of beads to string. And now the quick change trays make that task even easier. The trays allow you to quickly change colours, without having to empty the bowl of the spinner first. The Spin N Bead Quick Change Tray are stackable, which saved on spacer too. Since they’re clear it’s also really easy see your colours. The trays are also compatible with Beadalon Spin N Bead (both standard and junior). The trays sit over the bowl and therefore hold a smaller volume, meaning you don’t have to put as many beads in as you would in the bowl.

There are 2 trays per pack, which means you can work with 3 colours. Since there’s no need to empty the bowl before using one of your trays.

You may find our more flexible curved needle useful to use with our Bead Spinner and tray as it has a large eye. You can find our spin & string bead spinner here.

This short video on Hana showing Alice how to use the spinner may be useful too.

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