Square Wire Silver Plated 0.8mm (20 Gauge)

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Square Wire Silver Plated 0.8mm (20 Gauge)
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  • Description
Square wire is a great deal easier to use when making bezels and ring bands as strands will sit next to each other when banded together without trying to sit on top of each other.
Can be made more ornate by twisting lengths on their own before wiring on to your designs. Very popular with tiara makers and wire ring makers. The wire is aasy to use so your fingers won't suffer too much when wiring. A silver plated copper core wire with a anti-tarnish coating.

The coating on the wire which is chemically bonded to the surface and then is thermally cured makes the wire tarnish resistant. The result is a crystal clear protective layer that brings out the brilliant shine and stunning finish of the wire. When bending and manipulating the square or half round wires, you may notice the coating peel away in small spots - usually at the seams where hard angles are formed. If the peeling happens, it is recommended that you gently flake off the small pieces. The surface of the wire will retain a molecular layer of tarnish resistance, and the finished wire wrapped design should look flawless.

Brand Beadalon
Diameter 0.8mm, 20 ga
Length 2m
Plating Silver Plated