Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings 20mm

Sleeper Earrings in Sterling Silver

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sterling silver sleeper earrings
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  • Description
Sleepers or Sleeper earrings are available in several sizes and we stock Sterling Silver Sleeper Earrings.

Our hoop earrings are 20mm (external) Diameter with a 17mm (internal) diameter and sold in pairs.

There is a thinner wire at the top of the hoop that simply pulls back out of the circular tube when putting through the earlobe and then pushes back into the 3mm hollow tube that makes up the rest of the loop. You tend to find that the larger the hoop, the easier it is to push the thinner wire back in to the tube.

Adding a charm pendant or a large hole bead to the hoop will give the earring some bling!

Material Sterling Silver
Size 20mm