Swarovski Crystal Round Faceted Beads

These Swarovski Round Faceted crystals beads, the Swarovski code is 5000, have 25 facets and are these beads are round but they are not symmetrical in design. The 4mm range of this crystal bead is available from Swarovski in 90 different colours including AB effects. Please contact us for the full colour range, availability and prices!

The Swarovski crystal round faceted crystal beads have a wide range of uses and one particular design, the angel, is especially popular around christmas time. This angel has many different styles depending on the availability of findings you have and we have created a simplistic design that is easy for anyone to make just by making loops at the top of a headpin. This video below shows you how to make the angel design as earrings but of course you can just make one angel as a christmas tree decoration or a pendant for a necklace.