Swarovski Foiled Chatons Mixed Crystal Sizes

Swarovski Crystal Chatons

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Swarovski Foiled Chatons Mixed Crystal Sizes
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  • Description
We have mixed together our current range of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 1088 crystal chatons in a 50 pack of 2mm (Qty.20), 3mm (Qty.15), 4.5mm (Qty.10) and 6mm (Qty.5). This is a very handy pack to have as we get a lot of customers coming in to our retail shop in Nottingham asking for replacement stones that have fasten out of custom jewellery or sandal and shoe. As well as this that are a great pack to but if you're working with Ceralun clay.

The Swarovski Crystal Chaton is a pointed back crystal with a silver foiled type backing that reflects the light and gives this crystal a lot more sparkle. When setting these chatons we recommend using a 2 part epoxy resin glue for a permanent fix such as Devcon.

Crystal is a clear transparent, colourless shade.

Size 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm & 6 mm
Quantity 50 pieces in total of various sizes
Colour Crystal foil backed