Swarovski Heart Pendant Rainbow Dark 10.3x10mm

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Swarovski Heart Pendant Rainbow Dark 10.3x10mm
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  • Description
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 10.3 x 10mm 6228 XILION Heart Pendant. This heart shaped crystal pendant is identical on both sides and has 14 facets radiating out from the centre, 50% more than the previous 6202 Heart pendant (please note we are still in the changeover period between the two and whilst most will be XILION Hearts this can't be guaranteed). They have an approximately 1.3mm hole. This timeless Swarovski Crystal Heart pendant is incredibly popular and a staple in wedding jewellery often used to embellish wedding invitations and garters, they also make stunning simple earrings.

Crystal Rainbow Dark 2x (coating on 2 sides) is one of the latest Swarovski Elements colours (from the Fall/Winter 2017/18 innovations launch - September 2016) it is a dark metallic coated crystal with an over all deep purple oil on water effect. With visible swirly colours of the surface of the crystals.

Material Crystal
Brand Swarovski
Colour Rainbow Dark
Size 10 x 10.3mm mm