Trios Tranquility Soft Flex Beading Wire

Coloured 49 Strand Beading Wire

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Trios Tranquility Soft Flex Beading Wire
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  • Description
The trio pack of soft flex wire contains 3 colours of wire in a tanzanite colour - a light bluish colour not at all like the Swarovski Tanzanite!, Lapis - a really nice dark blue and Blue topaz, a mid blue.

Each reel of Soft Flex contains 3.05 metres or 10ft of thread, the beading wire itself is 0.019 inches thick, which in the Uk equates to 0.48mm.

Soft Flex call these beading wires Medium and the wire cable is made up from 49 tiny strands making this a very flexible wire, flexible enough to be able to knot it!

Colour Tanzanite, Lapis and Blue Topaz
Diameter 0.019 inches - 0.48 mm
Length 3 x 10ft (3.05m) Overall Length 30ft - 9.2 metres