Wooden Colourful Ladybird bead Mix*

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Wooden Colourful Ladybird bead Mix*
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  • Description
These smooth wooden ladybird beads are ideal for making fun jewellery. The hole runs through the middle of the ladybird (top to bottom) they are painted all one colours with the ladybird features added on one side. The beads measure 19mm x 14mm and 6mm deep with a 2mm hole. TIP: if the paint has covered the holes use a cocktail stick (or similar) to poke through the holes, being careful to not stab your hands of fingers.

These packs are sold as a mix of different colours, we cannot guarantee which colours you will receive and unfortunately we're unable to pick out specific colours for you.

Length 19mm x 14mm and 6mm deep
Hole Size 2 mm
Colour Mixed