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Bead Spinner Natural


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Bead Spinners are a useful tool for certain styles of beading. Any time you have to thread a lot of small beads, such as seed beads, on to one or more strands then this is the fastest way to go about it. When creating multi-stranded jewellery, crocheting, knitting and loom weaving you may consider using a tool such as this to save you time.

Each Bead Spinner is sold with a single big eyed curved needle. The needles measure 3.5 inches long (9cm) and the eye runs the length of the needle. To use the bead spinner, fill the bowl 2/3 full with beads. Start to rotate the bowl by twisting the central metal pole. Push a threaded needle into the bowl at a 45 degree angle into the beads against the flow of the spinning bowl. The beads should then start climbing the needle, very quickly! Beads not included!

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