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Bead Spinner (Spin & String)


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A Bead Spinner (Spin & String) is a great tool for when you have lots of beads to string, making it a quick and easy job. We now stock the Spin & String bead stringing tool by The BeadSmith. Perfect for use with seed beads especially when making for multi-stranded necklaces or threading beads on to wire for French beaded flowers. It can also be handy for crocheting or knitting where the beads are pre-threaded. This tool can save you loads of time.

The bowl of the bead spinner measures 10cm wide and approximately 3.5cm deep. Each Bead Spinner comes with 2 curved needles. To use the bead spinner, fill the bowl approximately half full with beads. Start to rotate the bowl by twisting the central metal pole. Push a threaded needle into the bowl at a 45 degree angle into the beads against the flow of the spinning bowl. The beads should then start climbing the needle, very quickly! Beads not included!

You may find our more flexible curved needle useful to use with our Bead Spinner (Spin & String) as it has a large eye.

This short video on Hana showing Alice how to use the spinner may be useful too.

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