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Beadalon 7 Strand 9.2m (30ft) Satin Gold


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Beadalon 7 Strand 9.2m (30ft) Satin Gold is a good thread to use when you begin to bead and make your own jewellery. This inexpensive thread is strong as it is made up of 7 individual thin strands that are twisted together and coated with nylon.

The satin gold colour gives the wire a matte appearance giving any clear beads that it is threaded through a soft golden inner colour. This is not a thread that can be knotted but needs to be secured with crimp beads or crimp tubes. This beading wire is kink resistant but it can be kinked with a great deal of effort!

The diameter is 0.018 inches or 0.45mm. The length of the beading thread on the reel is 30ft or 9.2 metres.

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