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Beadsmith Size 10/13 Beading Needles


Size 10 and size 13 beading needles for all of your beading projects.

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John James English Beadsmith Size 10/13 Beading Needles are superior quality beading needles. They are less likely to bend than cheaper versions and are relatively easy to thread. The packet contains 2 x size 10 and 1 x size 13 needle and 1 x size 12 needle which work well with weaving Delica and small seed beads.

The sizing of beading needles is very similar to the sizing of seed beads. Therefore the larger the number the smaller the needle. Beading needles have very small slim eyes to enable you to get your beading thread and the needle through your beads. You may find a needle threader useful for help thread your needles.



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