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Silversmithing Starter Kit

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Our Silversmithing Starter Kit is perfect for beginners and for those wanting to do simple soldering techniques at home.

The Silver Smithing Starter Kit contains a gas torch; a soldering sheet; reverse action tweezers; easy solder; a borax cone and ceramic dish.  There is also 50g of picklea; plastic tweezers; a set of metal files; a set of sanding pads; anti tarnish polishing cloth; 1mm copper wire; a wooden bench peg and 10cm of 1mm sterling silver wire.

The kit comes with a comprehensive information and instruction booklet along with an accompanying YouTube video tutorial.

This kit was designed by our silversmithing tutors as an ideal collection of starter equipment to buy after attending one of our silversmithing workshops.


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Silversmithing Starter Kit
Regular Price £95.00 incl.VAT