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Glue Gun

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This cool melt glue gun is perfect for all of your crafting needs.

Just plug it in and its ready to use in 3-5 minutes. The  cool melt glue cools and bonds within 30 seconds and dries clear. When dried the glue can also be painted and used as a construction material as well as just an adhesive.

The small nozzle means precise application on anything from diamantes to fabric. Our Felt craft kits are best with this glue gun and together make a perfect gift for a creative friend; or just to treat yourself. We have floral felt kits such as; daffodils, sweetpeas and lavender. There are also several quicker to make felt decoration kits that just require assembling such as this Rainbow Kit. All the felting kits and supplies can be found here on our website.

It comes with 2 (7.5x100mm) glue sticks, and we sell glue stick packs on our website as well.

The blue case not only looks great, but also makes it safe and cool to handle ( adult supervision/assistance required). It also comes with a metal stand to make sure the nozzle doesnt come into contact with any surfaces it isn’t supposed to.

If you’d like to learn some other crafts, beading and much more, check out our Youtube channel.

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Weight 100 g
glue gun
Glue Gun
Regular Price £13.00 incl.VAT