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How to Order


Thank you for browsing our website. If you are reading this then you have clicked the help link at the bottom of a page.Fear not we are here to help.Please click this link for our Frequently Asked Questions Page. If FAQ’s do not help then you can call us on 0115 95888 99. We love to chat and of course speaking to a human is much better than clicking around in circles!

A brief guide to using our site.

We start with sections, please navigate the sections you think are mostly likely to contain the product you are looking for. When you see a page of products you will have several option. You can click the picture or the ‘more options’ link under the picture to see more information on that product. If you are confident it is a product you want then you can use the quick buy buttons under these two links.

Quick buy buttons

Each product will have two or three quick buy buttons under the small photo in a section of products. This will allow you to buy the packet size you require very quickly. The page will quickly reload and return to the position on the page you were on. The shopping cart is always shown at the top right hand side of the site.
Once you are happy with your shopping then follow the links through our checkout. The checkout process is straight forward. Pick your shipping Preference, fill in your details, enter any codes for any discounts you might have, review and read the Ts & Cs and then select your payment method.
Then your beads will be on their way to you!

Email us if you have any concerns or if you would like to make any suggestions.

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