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Miyuki Delica Beads

Miyuki Delica beads are small cylindrical glass beads that are precision made. The beauty of these beads is that they fit together without gaps. Delicas have a generously sized hole for such a small bead. Most popular with beadweavers because you can thread through the hole several times.

Available in several sizes, the most popular is size 11. The size 11 delica bead measures 1.6mm in diameter and 1.3mm in length. The hole is approximately 0.8 – 0.85mm. This size of delica has the largest range of colours and effects.

We also stock the double delica aka DBL or size 8. The smallest delica is size 15 or DBS. These are tiny in comparison.

Miyuki is a japanese company that have been producing glass beads since the 1930’s. A worldwide known company that produces high quality glass beads. Miyuki is well known for their delica beads and seed beads.

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