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Beads & Pendants

We select all of our beads & pendants and suppliers so they fit in with our fair trade and ethical policy

If you are looking for glass beads, wooden beads, ceramic or metal beads we have them here. Not forgetting Preciosa crystal beads, Preciosa seed beads and the popular Miyuki delica beads.

Beads are used not just for making costume jewellery. Other uses include making dolls houses and dolls house furniture. Fly fisherman make colour floats and flies for fishing. Bridal dress designers use a lot of beads in their dress making. Accessorising clothes, shoes and hats, bags and phones. The possibilities are endless!

We have a lot of pendants available to make simple but effective jewellery by hanging them straight from a chain, leather or cotton waxed thread. We can also supply you the threads and findings needed to create this kind of jewellery.

If you do have any questions or queries with our beads & pendants please do contact us, we are here six days a week and are happy to help.

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