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Beaded Superduo Flowers

These Beaded Superduo Flowers are an ideal beginner bead-weaving project.

Difficulty: Beginner

What you will make: Beaded flowers that can that can be turned into earrings, necklace or bracelets.

You will learn: Simple bead-weaving techniques using two hole Superduos and seed beads to create a beaded flower design.

Full pattern below, or download a printable PDF here

Tools and Materials

A single flower requires-

How to make beaded Superduo flowers tutorial

How to make Beaded Superduo Flowers

Step 1

Thread all 8 Superduo beads onto your thread.

Step 2

Tie the ends of thread together, leaving a 7cm tail at one end, to create a circle. Thread the short tail through a few beads and trim off.

Step 3

Thread through the second hole in the Superduo you are exiting, going back on yourself, adding one size 8 seed bead in-between each Superduo. End by threading through the first size 8 seed bead you added.

Step 4

Pick up three size 11 seed beads, anchor through the next size 8 and continue the whole way around the circle. End by anchoring through the first size 8 bead and fasten off the end with a knot around the thread. Weave through a few beads before cutting off the excess.

You can make earrings, pendants or even keyrings just by adding a jump ring to link onto your earwires or chain. Or to make more of a statement, make several beaded Superduo flowers to join together and create a bracelet or necklace.

We hope you have making these Beaded Superduo Flowers! We would love to see what you create – share your makes with us on social media on Facebook and Instagram

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