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Brick Stitch Diamond Earrings

Make these brick stitch diamond earrings using Miyuki Delica beads. This simple brick stitch pattern is ideal for beginners and can be made to match any outfit using our wide range of different Delica colours!

If you are new to brick stitch, our getting started video covers both peyote and brick stitch (it uses the single needle method of starting brick stitch, which is slightly different to this project, but the stitch itself is the same)

Brick Stitch Diamond Earrings

Tools and Materials

How to make Brick Stitch Diamond Earrings

1.Decide what colours and pattern you want to use before you start (drawing it out often helps).

We are going to use the 2 needle ladder stitch method to start our diamond, then create each side using brick stitch. Cut a metre of Nymo and thread a needle onto each end. Thread through bead 1 so that it’s in the middle of the thread, then thread both needles in opposite directions through bead 2, then through the rest of the beads in the same way ending at bead 7.  

2. a – Working on just one, side add the first two beads of your second row. Anchor in place by threading under the loop of thread between beads 6 & 5, then up through bead B, then A and B again (this is how to start off each row).

2. b – Add the next bead in your pattern, bead C, by threading though the bead, then anchoring under the thread between beads 5 & 4 and back through bead C (this is how to add consecutive beads) continue in the same way to the end of the row. Carry on adding rows, naturally decreasing 1 bead at each end of every row until there’s 1 bead on the last row. Repeat this on the other side of the middle row to complete the diamond shape.

3.Make a second diamond in the same way. On one side of each diamond weave the thread back through a few beads to secure in before trimming off the excess. On the other side of the diamond you need to attach a 4mm jump ring by sewing over the jump ring a few time before securing the thread in the same way. Then add the diamonds, with the jump rings attached to the fish hook loops. Your Earrings are finished. 

For a downloadable version of this project we have a PDF you can download and also print, available here.

How to make Brick Stitch Diamond Earrings
How to Make Brick Stitch Diamond Earrings
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