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Daisy Chain Bracelet

Perfect for beginner beaders, this is a daisy chain bracelet with a difference. It uses 4mm Swarovski Xilion or Preciosa Bicone beads as the centre of the daisy which creates the great effect of the crystal beads being framed by seed beads. With the news about Swarovski it might just be the right time to buy your favourite colours and make a feature of them in this bracelet, or replace the Xilion beads with Preciosa Bicones.

New beads added in each step are highlighted in purple and the new thread path in each step in red.

Tools and Materials

How to make a Daisy Chain Bracelet

  1. To get started cut a length of thread approximately 1.5m in length. Attach a bead stopper about 20cm from one end of the thread and thread a needle on to the other end. Pick up 5 size 8 seed beads followed by 1 Xilion bead, then thread through the first seed bead

2. Pick up 3 new size 8 seed beads and thread through the next seed bead around the Xilion bead, continuing in the same direction.

3.Pick up 3 new size 8 seed beads followed by a new Xilion crystal bead, then thread through the last seed bead added in step 2 (highlighted with a green outline) towards the previous Xilion bead.

4.Pick up 3 new size 8 seed beads then thread through the last seed bead added in step 3 (highlighted with a green outline).

5.Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your bracelet almost reaches around your wrist leaving a 1cm gap.

6. See the optional extra detail below before completing this step. At the very end of your bracelet, thread through the beads around the last xilion bead until you reach the centre, at the end, pick up a new seed bead and thread around the end “daisy” again. Then Secure the end of the thread.

7.Repeat this to finish the opposite end of the bracelet using the tail end of thread from the start.  Use a jump ring to attach a clasp to one end of the bracelet, through the newly added bead at the very end. Then on the other end of the bracelet Just add a jump ring.

Optional Extra Embellishment

Optional extra; before finishing your bracelet (pausing before you weave in your end of thread in step 6). You can add extra seed beads around the edge – I like this effect as it really looks like the seed beads are framing the crystal beads (but it does loose the daisy effect— it is down to personal preference). 

Simply work along one edge of the bracelet adding smaller, size 11 seed beads into each gap, in between the ‘daisies’. Then repeat along the opposite edge, then complete step 6, fastening off your ends.

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