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Floral Pinch Beaded Beads

These floral beaded beads use a variation of right angle weave. The pinch beads slot together neatly to form a floral effect with a small seed bead forming the centre. These beaded beads can then be used to create bracelets, earrings or a necklace pendant.

New beads added in each step will be highlighted in purpleand new thread paths in red. Thread tension is important, spending a little time getting it right will give you really neat results.

Tools and Materials

How to make Floral Pinch Beaded Beads

1.1. Cut a manageable length of thread (approx. 1 m).  Thread on 6 x pinch beads, take one end of the thread through the first bead again, in the same direction, to create a ring of beads. Slide the ring of beads so that it sits roughly in the centre of the thread. This ring has the labels a-f to make it easier to identify them on the next steps.

2.Pick up two new pinch beads (1 & 2) and go through bead a, creating a small triangle of beads,  take the thread through bead 1 again, ready for the next step.

3.Pick up 1 new pinch bead (3) thread through the next bead from the original circle (b) towards the previous triangle, thread though bead 1 and through bead 3 again, to complete the next triangle. Thread though the next bead in the outer circle (c) ready for step 4

4.Pick up 1 new pinch bead (4) thread through bead 3, followed by c where you started from, then back through bead 4.

5.Pick up 1 new pinch bead (5) thread through bead d, followed by bead 4, then back through bead 5, followed by bead e, the next in the outer circle.

6.Pick up 1 new pinch bead (6) thread back through bead 5, followed by bead e, then back through bead 6. To join the last and first triangles, thread through bead 2,  bead f and back through 6 again.

7.Turn your bead over and working with the other end of thread repeat steps 2 – 6 to complete this side of the bead. Finish by take your thread through bead 2 followed  by a, ready for step 8.

8.Pick up 1 size 11 seed bead, thread through the next outer circle bead (b), pick up another seed bead and go through bead c, continue in this way adding beads in between the pinch beads in the outer circle. Finish by going though the first seed bead added. Secure both ends of thread by tying knots around the thread in between two beads, thread though a few more, tie another knot. Thread through a few more beads before cutting off the excess. You have a complete floral pinch bead!

You can use your finished Floral Pinch Beads for lots of different jewellery projects including  bracelets, necklaces or earrings. To create a bracelet sinpley thread the beaded onto 2mm leather cord and with a sliding knot. The beads would also fit onto a chunky snake chain bracelet. You can easily turn the beaded beads into earrings! Add a bead, such as a 4mm xilion bead onto a headpin, then add on your floral bead, followed by another xilion. The xilion beads either side ensure the floral bead sits centrally on the pin making for a neat finish.

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