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How to Brick Stitch Around a Link

This project will how you how to brick stitch around a link component to create a pair of earrings.

What you will make: a pair of beaded earrings, using Swarovski beads.

You will learn: how to use the bead-weaving technique of brick stitch around a Quicklink component or ring.

Tools and Materials

How to Brick Stitch Around a Link

Step 1

Cut a 30cm length of Nymo thread and tie it to the quick link. Thread a needle and add a pearl, a xilion bead and another pearl.

Step 2

Take the needle through the quick link and through the last pearl added, back down the way the needle came out.

Step 3

Holding the beads on the outside of the link pull the thread tight so all the beads sit together

Step 4

Thread on a Xilion bead and a pearl bead.

Step 5

Then take the thread under the quick link again and back down the pearl bead. Keep the tension tight to ensure the beads sit snug next to each other

Step 6

Continue until you have added 11 pearls and 10 xilion beads.

how to brick stitch around a link

Step 7

Weave back through the previous two beads, tie a small knot around the existing thread.

Step 8

Weave through two more beads before cutting off the excess

Step 9

Repeat to fasten off the other end of the thread.

how to brick stitch around a link

Step 10

Twist open the loop of an ear wire and attach the top of the quick link. Repeat all the steps to complete the pair.

To download a printable PDF version of this pattern click here.

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