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Kheops Bead Jewellery

Here’s another free beading project, to create Kheops bead jewellery. Kheops parPuca beads are trianglular shaped two hole beads that can be stitched together to create striking geometric designs, like this windmill style components.

These windmill components are beaded independently and can be combined together to create earrings, pendants, necklace or bracelets. You can even use them as sweet little festive decorations.

Tools and Materials

Each windmill component requires;

4mm Xilion or Bicone beads work well for joining bead and you can finish your jewellery in your preferred method. Download our free How 2 leaflet to help you.

How to make Kheops Bead Jewellery

1.Cut a long length of Nymo and thread your needle. Pick up 6 x Khéop beads; thread through the side of the beads with only one hole, exiting out of the side with two holes. Then tie the two ends together (double knot) to form a circle (this is fiddly – be careful not to over tighten the thread).  Take the thread through the second hole in the same bead, coming back on yourself. It’s a good idea to fasten off the tail thread from the beginning here to make it easier to continue.

2.Pick up 3 new seed beads,  thread through the second hole of the next Khéop bead (that doesn’t already have thread going through it) the beads should lie along the edge of the Khéop bead. Continue doing this through all 6 Khéop beads. Finish this round by going through the first 3 beads added in this step.

3.Pick up 3 new seed beads,  thread through the next set of 3 from the previous step and continue all the way around adding 3 beads in between each other set of 3. Finish by going through the first bead of the first new set of  beads.

4.Pick up 1 new seed bead,  thread through 6 outer edge seed beads, pick up 1 more new seed bead and thread through another 6 beads and continue adding singles beads until you have 6 points. Finish by threading through the first single bead added. That is one windmill component complete.

5.To create earrings, add a Xilion bead after the point, followed by 4 seed beads, thread back down the Xilion and the point bead , in the opposite way to balance the top, thread round again for extra strength. You can then attach a fishhook earring to the top loop.

6.To create a necklace or bracelet, join the component together in a similar fashion, using Xilion beads in between point beads and use the working thread to sew them together.

7. You can finish your Kheops Bead necklace in any number of ways. You can attach chain, or threaded with beads…

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