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Sparkle Tassel Jewellery Set

Make this Sparkle Tassel jewellery set, which combines a beaded design with ready-made tassels!

What you will make: a necklace and earrings set using tassels and Swarovski beads.

You will learn: how to make a right angle weave beaded bead and how to turn this into functional jewellry.

Full pattern below, or download a PDF version here

Tools and Materials

I have chosen sparkly silver beads, using Comet Argent Light crystals, but you can mix and match and adapt the colour combination to suit your outfit.




How to make the Sparkle Tassel Jewellery Set

Step 1 – Making the Beaded Beads

We are going to make the beaded bead using a the bead-weaving technique of right angle weave. It takes just 12 beads to create a beaded bead. The diagram below shows you how to make the beaded bead. If you would like more detailed instructions we have a video showing how to make beaded beads here.

Once your bead is made, pull the threads tight and secure the ends with knots and trim off the excess. For the earrings make 2 beaded beads with 4mm Xilion beads.

To create the necklace, make 1 beaded bead with 5mm Xilion beads.

Step 2 – Assembly

To create the earrings, thread a 5mm xilion bead onto an eyepin. Followed by your smaller beaded bead and another 5mm xilion bead. Create a wrapped loop, with round nose pliers above the beads making sure there isn’t a gap in between the beads.  Repeat this for the second earring.

For the necklace do the same, but thread on 6mm xilion beads and the larger beaded bead.

Step 3

Twist open the loops on the top of the tassel and connect to the bottom of each of your eyepins. For the earrings twist open the loops on your earring components and connect to the top of your eyepins.

To create the necklace, twist open the 8mm jump ring and connect the chain to the top of the eye pin.

We have a video that details how to create a loop and add to earring findings, and a video showing you how to open and close jump rings.

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