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Use 2 hole Gemduo beads to great effect

I think there’s a bit of a pre-conceived idea that the 2 hole Gemduo bead are only for “proper” bead weaving. Which if you ask me is daft! You can use any bead any way you like. Personally I think 2 hole beads are the perfect way to make simple threaded bracelets and jewellery look more fun and intriguing. They just add another dimension to your work.

So I thought I’d share a super quick bracelet tutorial with you all; Use 2 hole Gemduo beads to great effect.

Use 2 hole Gemduo beads to great effect with Cymbal Findings

Materials you need

Matubo Gemduo beads (approx. 24 – 48 beads depending on the length of your bracelet – The length is easily adaptable). I’ve used a mix of the Summer Rainbow colours.
Preciosa size 8 Seed beads (I used Permalux Mulberry here)
0.3mm clear Supplemax thread
2 x Komia Cymbal Finding ends
2 x 4mm jump rings
1 x small trigger clasp (or your preferred clasp)

Making the Bracelet

Cut an 80cm length of thread. Slide on a Komia end, letting it sit in the centre of the thread. Pick up a size 8 seed bead on each end of the thread. Making sure your Gemduo beads are facing the right way round (they have a domed front and flat back) slide a gemduo bead onto the thread (facing up). Pick up another size 8 seed bead on each side followed by a Gemduo bead. Keep repeating this until your bracelet is 1cm shorter than your desired finished length.

The length of the bracelet is easily adaptable.

Adding the ends

When your bracelet is long enough, thread both ends of your thread though the remaining Komia end in opposite directions. Pull the threads snug so that there are no gaps in the bracelet (but not too tight that they buckle).

Use 2 hole Gemduo bead to great effect with Cymbal Findings

Thread through the size 8 seed bead on each side of the end. Secure the threads with a half hitch knot (tying the end of the thread around the existing thread in between the beads). Thread along each side, through a few more beads and tie a second half hitch knot. Thread though a few more beads on each side before cutting off the excess thread.

Now use jump rings to attach your chosen clasp to finish your bracelet. We have a very handy video showing how to open and close jump rings on our YouTube channel. View it here.

I hope you enjoy creating your 2 hole Gemduo bead bracelet. Be sure to tag us in your creations (#ThebeadShopNottingham). We love to see what you make.

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