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0.8mm Gold Plated Wire

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0.8mm gold plated wire is a substantial gauge craft wire that holds it’s shape well. Use the 0.8mm diameter wire for making your own findings. Creating small toggles, loop and hook clasps and small pendants work well with this diameter.

0.8mm gold plated wire can be manipulated with your fingers for a short time but you are best using nylon jawed pliers. Nylon jawed pliers will help work harden the wire, making it stiffer and harder, holding it’s shape better.

We have some useful videos on wirework on our video gallery page or through our YouTube channel. Watch how to make your own jump rings, really useful for chainmaille jewellery.

In the UK we used the metric size for wire, outside the UK wire sizes are shown in gauge size. This handy chart will help you convert between the two easily;

0.2mm wire is 30 gauge wire
0.3mm wire is 28 gauge wire
0.4mm wire is 26 gauge wire
0.6mm wire is 22 gauge wire
0.8mm wire is 20 gauge wire
1.0mm wire is 18 gauge wire
1.2mm wire is 16 gauge wire
1.5mm wire is 15 gauge wire

Craft Wire gauge conversion chart

To download our wire gauge conversion chart pdf please right click the image and save target as..
To view the pdf just double click the image.

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0.8mm gold plated copper core craft wire - 20 gauge craft wire
0.8mm Gold Plated Wire
Regular Price £6.75 incl.VAT£48.95 incl.VAT