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12mm Czech Glass Heliotrope Rivoli

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These 12mm Czech Glass Heliotrope Rivoli are made in Czech Republic and produced by Matubo.

Rivolis are round stones with a subtle point on each side. They have 16 fine triangular facets coming to a point on each side. These facets and the foiled backing make these stones shine brilliantly. Rivolis have no holes in them. However they can be added to settings and are ideal for bead weaving around. Bead weaving a bezel around the rivoli is the most common beading style used when integrating these crystals in to a beading project. That can be achieved in made different way, for example using right angle weave, peyote stitch (in the round) or netting, to name a few. Rivolis can also be included in embroidery and bead embroidery designs.

The 12mm Czech Glass Heliotrope Rivoli is a deep purply blue shade with flashes of indigo and bright blue when they catch the light. They have a shiny silver back. We’ve tried to capture both sides of the rivoli in the photograph.

These rivolis can be used for our Rivoli Bezel Bracelet pattern. This is a great pattern if you’re looking to further your beading techniques or learn a new skill.

We also have Preciosa nightfall rivolis in the same size.

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12mm Crystal Heliotrope Rivoli
12mm Czech Glass Heliotrope Rivoli
Regular Price £1.85 incl.VAT£14.25 incl.VAT