17mm Swarovski Artemis Bead Jet Hematite

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1 3.75 BS06581 
3 8.95 BS06582 

Jet Hematite 17mm Artemis bead
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  • Description
The conical shape Swarovski Artemis Crystal bead is a distinctive shape bead which is commonly used for the body of angel or a Christmas tree. There is a circular recess at the wide 13mm base of the bead which allows a round 6mm bead to fit in quite snuggly.
There is a 1.4mm hole that runs through the centre of the bead from the 4mm wide top to the 13mm wide bottom of the cone shape.

Jet Hematite is a fully coated colour effect that looks like a highly polished metallic grey.

Size 17 mm x 13 mm
Colour Jet Hematite
Hole Size Approx. 1.4 mm