2mm (SS6) Swarovski Hotfix Diamantes Crystal AB

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100 4.95 BS02750 
1440 62.95 BS02767 

swarovski hotfix crustal ab diamantes

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  • Description
Swarovski hotfix diamantes have clear glue on the back of the crystals which is activated with heat (and a little pressure)

These 2038 xilion rose hotfix diamantes are ideal for adding extra sparkles to most materials that will adsorb the glue, not recommended for leather. Popular uses are blinging phones, mp3 players (actual helps with gripping the phone or mp3 players), accessorizing clothes and shoes - as long as they are not leather!

These are clear crystal AB foiled back diamantes approxiamately 2mm in diametres (they are tiny). If sticking these to clothng once the glue is dried it should be suitable for washing in a machine.

shape Round
Material Crystal
Brand Swarovski
Colour Crystal AB
Size 2mm